Artist Biography

artist name: Sabina
Styles (so far): "Lyrical Drip Abstract Expressionism." a natural expression of the artist, generally under Abstract Expressionism, mainly utilizing a natural new more advanced and complex Pollock-like Drip Style, with some essences of Color Field Painting, Hard-Edge Painting, and in essence a sense of "New War American Lyrical Abstraction.
Executive Summary
A savant in any format she touches, Sabina has gone from designing high end couture dresses and jewelry to teaching a yoga-dance hybrid to painting expressive abstracts in the last decade. With no formal painting training, Sabina transforms any and all raw ingredients around her into the base emotional expression of the exact visions pouring out of her, in a similar way as how Ray Bradbury would dream his stories and write them in a notepad as they came to him. No form, format, style, nor medium hold her constrained; Whatever completes the essence of the vision painstakingly sought and found is what will be utilized. Clothing, things found at the beach, wall plaster, clay, whatever is required finds it's place, and yet the process is simple:
She sits and stares at the blank canvas for hours, motionless. Not looking with her eyes, but with her soul. And at some unknown moment the vision becomes clear, complete - - it arrives, and on that moment Sabina explodes in a conflagration of creation and does not stop until complete, even with drying times in between painting times, layering layer of stuff and paint and gloss and stuff and paint over and over day after day until that initial vision is recognized correctly - perfectly - in reality. Engoldens the sides, and begins to search for the next vision.
Artist Statement
"When I start to create, I sit and close my eyes and start to feel color.  As every color evokes different feelings in my soul and every different tone is like a new note in a symphony that collides together, energy visually gets created in my mind and it starts racing through my mind slowly revealing vision after vision like a very fast movie scanning options after options, building and growing, and when it feels perfect in my mind then I'm ready to start my process . i find myself go into a trance, like a dancer feeling music -  i feel every movement of energy as well as see it visually while being crafted; i am filled by the painting until the vision is properly released into reality, dancing as one with the physical energy.
My art is expression of pure emotion. Form, function were abandoned and instead decisions were made based on feeling, based on a long sought complete vision.  From this experience, my style emerged, and I have gone on to paint dozens upon dozens, and continue to grow and expand this emotional expressionism.  That said, the process is lengthy and cerebral in that I must feel out many layers of fabrics, plaster, paints, glosses in the appropriate orders and ways to allow the drips and pours, splatters and movements to evoke the original emotional vision in my mind perfectly.  Each, expresses but a piece of much larger visions I hope to evoke emotional response in the viewer - though they may not see the vision in my mind, I hope they have their own in response to each piece."